A graphic designer's goal is to create work that meets the needs of the client. All of the design elements must be centered on this principle to produce an effective result.

Elements like color, shape, space, value, and texture all contribute to the message being presented. Designing only with a clear sense of purpose will result in these elements working together to communicate the intended message.

While there is no single answer to a great design, it should first, be well-executed; and second, must never compromise the client's message. Paying careful attention to every detail will lead to work that creatively and clearly conveys the client's message, work in which the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts, work that speaks to you.

Andyz Art

I created this website to use as a vehicle to display some of my various works and demonstrate my graphic design abilities. It allows one to see a little of what I have created and contact me if they would like my help.

I have also included some hints and best practices, from a graphic designer's perspective, that can be helpful to those that are unsure about which way to go.

Andyz Art