Just what is "Branding" anyway?

Why is it that some service/product names mean something to you, while others do not? Why are you loyal to some, "knowing" that their products/services are always good, while you could care less about others?

A brand is your memory or "image" of a company. Everything you remember about this company, through advertising, dealings with them, using their products/services, what other people say about them, and any other exposure or interaction, is their brand to you.

So, what makes up a brand?

who, what and why you are

A branding system begins with establishing who you are and how you want to portray your company or product to the world.

In order to effectively portray itself to its audience, a business must first define who it is, what it stands for, what it has to offer, and why it is different. What is its vision? What are its corporate values and business goals? What distinct position does it hold in relation to its competitors?

Once these aspects of a company’s identity are defined and how they relate to one another is established, it can determine what sets it or its product apart from its competition. This distinguishing core message gives the company a solid base on which to construct a cohesive brand.

Once the core message has been established, logos, slogans, and other expressions of the identity can be developed. The outcome is a brand that clearly reflects who you are and what you have to offer.


What to name your product or service is the most important branding decision you will ever make. When all other factors are relatively equal, the brand with the best name will win out.


A logo is the most summarizing expression of an identity. The logo is a symbol that gives the company a face, a personality, a human quality. This image assists in developing a trusted relationship with the audience, bringing up a positive brand "image" when it is seen.


Beyond name and logo, the cohesive brand identity expresses the company's purpose and personality through a well-defined color palette, additional vocal branding such as a tagline, slogan, or jingle, and a characteristic design system that flows throughout everything related to your company. This includes your stationary, web site, product packaging, company uniforms, sale flyers, store front signs, advertisements, vehicle markings, and any other expressions of your company's identity.

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