Web Site Design

Towboat Treasures

I created this web site for a gift shop located on the Ohio River in Ashland, Kentucky. The site was designed with a clean crisp look to show off the presented merchandise. Other important factors were a well developed site structure, easy navigation, and a friendly, nautical "towboater" appeal to reflect the personality of the company.

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Green Garden Landscaping

This logo and web site was created for a landscaping company with an earth friendly attitude. The logo, colors, and graphics reflect their personality.

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Travel Time

This logo and web site was created for a fictitious travel agency. The site presents a friendly personality while being clean and businesslike. It is easy to read and navigate without all of the clutter found on most travel sites.

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Washington County Actors Community Theatre

I designed, published, and maintained this web site for the community theatre in my area for many years. The logo, colors, and look of the site were created to present an image of community, healthy fun, growth, and activity.

Jeffers Auto Parts

Using the bold colors of the logo, this web site was designed to portray the corporate image as well as the personal touch that a privately owned business offers.

Desert Wolf's Designs

This was my original web site I started many years ago. It contained page designs and the graphics to go with them in various styles and themes. They were free for anyone to download and use on their pages. The graphics got better as I learned more.

Andyz Art